Health and Well Being – Meeting Wednesday 23 September

The Health and Wellbeing group has been dormant for a couple of years and the Parent Council feels it’s time to get things going again.

Carolyn Anstruther has been doing some incredible work with teachers, pupils and parents focusing on the emotional and mental health of our children. The evening that she organised in May to present the work she and others have been doing with our children had a real impact on many people. We now have a perfect opportunity to capitalise on that through this group if we can get it back up and running!

So, Carolyn and I are having a coffee/tea staff room gathering (croissants thrown in) for anyone who is interested in kick- starting the new Heath and Wellbeing Group-
WEDNESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 8.30am- 9.00am.


If you can come or are interested but can’t come along then please email either: or

Below is a short paper that Carolyn prepared that may be of some interest.

In March 2015 the importance of developing good Emotional and Mental Health in children was highlighted in several newspaper articles. This followed a report compiled by a government taskforce led by senior officials at the Department of Health and the NHS, which found that, with regard to mental health issues, children were not being given adequate or timely help. The finding showed:
• 28% of pre-school children face problems that have an impact on their psychological development
• One in ten 5 – 16 year olds has a mental health disorder
• About 500,00 children and young people say that they are unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives
• 75% of adult mental health problems present before the age of 18.
. 185% increase in referrals to CAMHs (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) in Edinburgh in the last 5 years with the biggest increase in affluent middle class families

Sciennes School’s commitment to focus on improving the emotional and mental health of the pupils comes at a very good time when there is a clear message from the government. To this end there are number of key issues to consider:

• Improving our school environment by creating calm, relaxing spaces for the pupils
• Developing a good understanding of the curriculum for Emotional and Mental Health particularly for staff and parents
• Providing quality training for staff and a familiarisation with new resources that are available
• Introducing Emotion Talks as a key resource for all pupils, teachers and parents
• Looking at the potential benefits of Mindfulness as a vehicle for improving focus and attention and reducing stress in both staff and pupils (and parents?).

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