Health and Well Being – Summary of 23 September Meeting

zen circleThe Introduction and background was presented by Carolyn Anstruther. She outlined the remit of the group which is to focus on the Emotional and Mental health of the children (please see Health and Wellbeing blog on Sciennes website for more info).

Carolyn also updated the group on the work that had been done within the school in relation to mindfulness and emotion talks
* Three teachers trained in Mindfulness
* selected classes have been introduced to Mindfulness
* emotion talks introduced to a number of classes
* limited resources available – not enough to cover all year groups and classes

The discussion was then opened up to the group as to how we could progress this agenda and suggestions included:

* need one other teacher trained (giving four in total)

* Resources – there is a need to identify funding whether through external grants/sponsorship or through Parent Council/Friends of Sciennes School

* Raise awareness through the parent body and utilise their expertise

* The school to hold an event similar to that which was held in May

* A evening/ morning session of Mindfulness for parents

* An after school club for children focussing on Mindfulness

* Peer massage for children ( fully clothed)

* Drawing and story writing for the children based on their emotions

* Update website with relevant links

These were just some of the suggestions that were raised on the day and we are keen to have more so please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.


1. As a matter of some urgency we need to find resources to progress the work of the group. We therefore require two or three of you(or more!) to get together and volunteer to look at the potential for grants/funding as support. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED THEN PLEASE EMAIL US!
We need £500 to train one more teacher – place available October break but no funding available as yet. (All)

2. Rerun of the May evening (Carolyn and Fiona)

3. Update website – anybody want to work with Fiona (a tech Luddite )?

4. Any other comments/suggestions/ideas (All)

Above are the actions generated from the first meeting but once we have your feedback we will collate responses and send out a more detailed plan of action.

Thanks again

Carolyn and Fiona

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