Minutes of Sciennes Parent Council Meeting, Thursday 29 October 2015

Sciennes Parent Council Meeting Thursday 29th Oct. 2015 7-9pm

Room 16, Sciennes Primary School

Attendees: Kristel Torokoff (Chair, KT) Kirsten Belk (Clerk, KB) Ro Banyard (Parent, RB) Tanya Boughtflower (Vice Chair, Comm. Group TB) Paddy Napier ( P1 year rep, PN) Colin Sim (Parent, CS) Domenic Risi (P2 year rep,DR) Lucy Gallagher (Deputy Head Teacher, LG) Bethan McEwan (Parent, BM) Corrine Kirk (Parent, CK) Neil Oliver (Parent, NO) Rosa Portero (P1 year rep, RP) Catherine McCormack (Co-Treasurer, CMc) Alison Noble (Head Teacher, AN) Tim Pask (Clubs, TP) Charlotte Herthelius (Chair E&F, CH) Fiona Denvir (Health & Wellbeing, FD) L-J Stewart (P3 or P5 year rep.) Clare Langley (Parent, CL) Sarah McIlhone (Parent, SMc) Jane McKetchen (JM)

Welcome and Apologies. KT welcomed everyone to the meeting and acknowledged the following apologies: Claire Marshall / Angela Christie / LeAnne Boyle / Mome Mukherjee / Conrad Graham

Sep. Minutes and Matters Arising.

1. School lunch menu photos Action: With CEC – carried forward.

2. Tempest Photography Action: School organisation in progress – carried forward.

3. Class Photos Action: CH to contact Linda – carried forward

4. School lunch concerns re deserts. Action: RP – suggested survey question – carried forward.

5. Soft Start concerns. Seems to have settled down – concerns raised re appropriateness for P1-P3. AN confirmed still in trial. Action: Carried forward.

6. Toilet discussion – parent not present. Action: Carried forward.

7. Playground Concerns Action: carried forward at playground meeting.

8. Advertise easy fundraising. Action: CH carried forward.

9. Hiring of auditor. Action: Complete.

10. Minutes approved subject to amendment: Class photos for P2 changed to whole school on p2.

Head teacher report. Alison Noble presented her Head Teacher’s Report dated 29 Oct 2015 to the Parent Council. Please see attached Report.

News. The playground opening ceremony will take place on Saturday the 31st October: All are welcome. Concerns were raised that some parents thought the event was invitation only: Action: Posters on gate.

The dining hall extension is now at the planning committee stage. School Streets Scheme has commenced. It is still at very early stages, and the school and CEC welcome feedback.

1:5 Raising Awareness of Child Poverty in Edinburgh – the school has been selected for this initiative. The staff are working together on building a curriculum for excellence. AN is hoping to invite leaders to describe how this is being done.

Pupils will be invited to the Christmas tree lighting.

Thanks was given to the Football Club for their efforts in organising the girls’ tournament.

Finance Report. CMc presented the Finance Report dated 29 Oct 2015. Please see attached Finance Report.

Points to note: A complaint to the Bank of Scotland regarding the process for account signatory change led to £96 compensation, plus a late uniform sale payment of £5 meant income of £101. £141.26 has been spent with the balance down by £40.26 = £3246.31.

AN confirmed that the next Friends of Sciennes School meeting will be held in November.

The new auditor was confirmed as Gayle McGill; a former auditor at Lloyds. She will do an audit in May 2016.

There was discussion of the cost of trips between Aug-Dec for those on free school meals. Including the P7 trip to Laganlea £1508 was contributed by the PC. This money was signed off. An increase in cost of trip subsidy is anticipated for the coming year.

Winter Fair Sat 28th Nov: Left over P1 refreshments will be used. Estimated expenses of up to £1500 was signed off – see EFG Report.

Fruit Group payments discussed. CMc confirmed that this is not part of the PC accounts but goes via the school. It was felt a further email was needed to generate contributions.

Sub-Group Updates: see attached reports.

1. Eco Group: Thanks to Phoebe and Corrin from Kirsty Gallagher for help with her display. The group’s ambition is to have every child planting every year, and to aim for seasonal planting. The PC Eco Group focuses on P3; the School Eco Group focuses on P4-P7 and emphasises recycling.

2. Fruit Group: Suggested Fruit Day with Fruit Group responsibility. ACTION: Back to FG to raise this directly with school. There was a discussion that previous communication from the Fruit group was ambiguous as it asked for support and parent volunteers as well as payment for the fruit. Payment email needed – not to be mixed with a call for volunteers. LG request to be cc’d in FG correspondence. ACTION: James and / or school to email out a reminder for the annual payment and with content in the email not in a hyperlink. LG to be cc’d

3. Health & Wellbeing Group: Very successful first meeting with 27 attendees. The school has paid through CPD for 1 more teacher to be trained in mindfulness. A further meeting is planned for the 11th of Nov. The HWB blog will be copied to the PC website and accessed via the side bar. The blog will be maintained on the school site too, as it is part of the curriculum. The illustrator Nick Sherratt has been invited via the Scottish Book Trust to work with the children, and produce art exploring their emotions. It was confirmed that the group aims to consider overall emotional wellbeing and not only mindfulness. Resources are needed: the group will look at grants and other funding. BM and JM have signed up for the Caledonian Attack sponsored cycle. The group proposes to hold mindfulness sessions for parents.

4. Events & Fundraising Group: The group needs more volunteers. Anyone who wants to run an event should contact: events_fundraising@yahoo.co.uk ACTION: Class Reps to liaise with CH to recruit volunteers. Christmas Fair figures signed off: £1500 estimate. CH proposed that the Christmas cards / tea towels / ceilidh tickets should be available at cost to families on free school meals. This could be implemented via the option on Wisepay. The suggestion was positively received. ACTION: AN to consider this suggestion with SMT

5. Communication Group: The Parent Council Survey is ready to go out. The group is working on the website. CS is working on a Communication Plan. The Newsletter will be out midNovember and contact will be made with other groups for information. The problem of the coincidence of the CEC survey and the PC survey was discussed. Alternate years were considered better. PC survey was due March 2015, it was postponed due to Playground fundraising efforts. AN confirmed the CEC is not ready yet but expected to be sent out shortly, and must be completed by the end of February. LG noted that the staff would prefer it to be completed as soon as possible. KT noted that it was 3 years since the last PC Survey, and felt waiting another year was too long for PC to work without any input from the wider parent community. There was general support for the PC Survey to go ahead. It has been agreed by the PC for some time. ACTION: KT to liaise with AN re final draft of the PC survey and the timing of the both surveys.

6. Clubs: Nothing to report and no PC input needed.

7. Football Group: No PC input needed.

Governance Preparation for AGM needed. ACTION: Carried forward to beginning of next PC meeting. Wrong version of PC constitution on website.

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