School Streets Update

We’ve got new signs! In order to support the School Streets initiative at Sciennes, the City of Edinburgh has recently put up several “diversion” signs on the streets surrounding the school. Hopefully this will encourage drivers to take alternate routes that divert them away from the streets in immediate proximity to the school.

school street sign

Volunteer Traffic Marshals. A group of parents, grandparents and carers dedicated to making School Streets a success has set up a Volunteer Traffic Marshal Rota. Their efforts, which started on Monday, have been met with great success. By drawing attention to the flashing signs that are meant to restrict traffic, almost no car traffic can be seen on Sciennes Road during drop off and pick up.

Can you help? They are looking for more volunteers to help draw attention to the road closures. This rota has the support of Police Scotland, who advise that volunteers should stay on the pavement and not engage in arguments with drivers. Slots are for 20 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes in the afternoon, and really do make a real difference. If you are able to help please sign up at

And a HUGE THANK YOU to those parents and grandparents who have already volunteered! You are making the School Streets Pilot a success.

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