Playground Survey Results

Parent Council survey

We asked Sciennes school families whether we should ask City of Edinburgh Council to close Sciennes Road to motor vehicles when the hospital vacates next door.

299 families out of 440 responded. 264 strongly agreed, 28 agreed, 4 disagreed and 3 strongly disagreed.

Comments are below. Thank you everyone who participated.

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Survey Comments

The road is regularly used as an alternative to Melville Drive but through traffic and during school drop off and pick up it can be dangerous for children. The restrictions put in place during these hours that are currently “policed” by parents on a voluntary basis does not seem sustainable and frequently leads to arguements between road users and parents. A permenant closure would be preferable for road safety. Roads are for cars not people! The council has already blocked off far too many roads all over the city which has made traffic flow worse. In addition there has been a “fashion” of pavement widening which makes the roads narrower – this practice has to stop as motorists pay the most taxes so should not be penalised. Bike lanes are another area of contention as there are too many now in the wrong places.
It would be great if children could have more space. Road should remain open to motorists
There are plenty of other routes so it’s unnesesary for this road to be open to cars. My child is a blue badge holder and I require vehicular access to the front of the school. Closing this road to blue badge holders is discriminatory to disabled road users.
The kids love the nature garden so closing the road makes it safer for them to use it at anytime of the day and gives them more space to breath.
Kids need more play space safer too
Given Sciennes School’s student capacity, the ground they have is currently more. Children certainly deserve more than that. It will be great to have that additional space adjoining the school This process has been mismanaged from the start.  There was such a rush to get the playground converted to having mounds, rocks, sand etc that actually took away space for children to run around in, that the people who pushed for it did not consider what would happen once the Sick Kids moved ie. more money would need to be spent to change the playground again.  Where do these people think the money will come from?  Not all parents are well off!!  In the slide pack there is no further detail on option 1 so again the people leading this are pushing their preferred views to the wider parent community and ignoring other options.  £100k was spent on this playground – an obscene amount when you consider we have the Meadows on our doorstep and other far more deserving communities in Edinburgh who could have used this money.  If pushed I would say option 2b is preferred as has less impact on the surrounding community ie. residents and businesses.
More space for the children. Less traffic. Less congestion. Less accidents. Win. Win. Residents will continue to need access – control of thoughtless/selfish motorists is essentially the problem in the short term. Monitoring is successful in the mornings and some fines would work wonders for the afternoon closure.
Absolutely. More space. Far safer. I think that compared to other schools Sciennes is set far enough away from the road with the playground being of generous size. The street has slow speed limits and perhaps is not a major issue.
That part of Sciennes Road is more useful to the school as outdoor space than as thro route for local area. Also RHSC is closing and access is less essential
The school chronically lacks outdoor space and that problem is only going to be compounded by the projected increase in pupil numbers.
Please build an astroturf football pitch !!
There are several options how this could be done but I think it’s important to keep connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians passing through their area.
This would clearly  enable more play space for the children, to bring in line with recommended targets, and with the moving of the Sick Kids, and alternative routes of access, this should not impact adversely on local transport.
This would greatly enhance the children’s play space.  Without the sick kids hospital, the need for a through road is reduced. There will be less need to supervise traffic outside school
not enough playground space per child for large school, retains cycle access
Preference is for option B if that is possible within planning as reduces the reliance on monitoring of pupils crossing cycle/pedestrian pass
Would produce a much calmer environment for the school. Would want to see measures in place to make cyclists proceed slowly past the school.
The intake is growing, green space especially is lacking at sciences still…green space has a calming and reassuring effect on people.
It would give the children more play space on a day to day basis and allow the teachers and children easier safer access to the nature garden for outdoor learning.  A bigger area at the front would make the school feel bigger overall.
The playground is too small for the children to support their health and wellbeing. The excellent recent improvements have improved the richness and variety of active play but more space is required.
This makes sense from a safety point of view and the kids would love it – especially if the school continues to grow / expand.
This option will benefit the school children and calm the traffic
The playground is very small for such a large school giving children limited space to exercise, learn and play. There are numerous roads to provide access other than the one outside the school so I think it would be a great idea to use road space for play space with no detriment to public access. It would also stop the parents and members of the public who routinely disregard the road closure and drive through, increasing risk to child safety.
The northern European model of reclaiming roads and streets for the use of providing children with more space to play is one to which many planners aspire. The cost is one of road-use management which Edinburgh has already engaged with to an extent. With the hospital relocated, the valid argument that there needed to be emergency service priority disappears. To make this change would be an enlightened decision and would be held up as a positive model for others within the UK to follow. Sciennes is a good place to provide this precedent.
Im strongly in favour as this should make the school safer particularly with the imminent redevelopment of the Sick Kids hospital next door. It should also give more scope for the school to host wider community events.
Totally agree. This would make the area outside the school safer for children and more pleasant for everyone and would make the playground bigger.
Sufficient outdoor playing space is vital for a school, it is a lifeline for some children.
This is an extremely important issue for me and it will guide my vote in the next council election. The council must show continued commitment to designing public spaces for people, not cars.
There simply isn’t enough space for the 650 (approx) children who attend the school to play. They are crammed into too small a space at the moment and this leads to accidents. Playtimes have to be carefully managed to limit the number of golden out at any one time and I believe primary 7 children are ‘encouraged’ to go to the Meadows at their lunch break (accompanied by school staff) because the playground is too small.
Sciennes is a great school but there are far too many children to play safely in the small outdoor space.
Option 2B provides a larger contiguous space for our children to play. It will be easier for the school to monitor the children since they will all be in one space. With 2 separated spaces, more personnel will be required to monitor and the children will be more often at risk given the crossing required to get into the 2nd space. Option 2b minimises any additional risks created by expanding the playground. Therefore Option 2b appears to be the better and safer option. It will probably also be the more fun option for the children.
I have seen 2 different suggestions and prefer the option 2b as per the sciennes parent council presentation
It’s definitely worth a shot. Creating a little park there would benefit the children. I prefer the expanded woodland option. It’s very calming under the trees.   I’d hope it would also be good for Sciennes neighbourhood. Presumably  it would reduce cars on surrounding streets too as it would cease to be rat run.
Both options good. But I guess option 2 a has slight edge if tapering added to give even more space…
The playground is cramped and more space is needed.  The current vehicle restrictions don’t work.  Cars frequently ignore them, especially at the end of the day when there are not usually volunteers to physically block their path.  I have seen cars speeding, drivers on mobiles and general lack of care while passing the school at closing time which is a danger to the children.  The east-west journey for cars could easily take place on adjacent streets to provide a safer environment beside the school
With Sick Kids closing and no longer the requirement for emergency acted the road should be closed. Sciennes as one of the largest primary schools in Edinburgh should has a requirement for a larger playground In line with the space recommended per pupil.
This would greatly enhance the neighbourhood, play area at school, safety of access to school. Current system of road closure regularly ignored by vehicles. Perfect opportunity to do this with the RHSC is being developed.
Existing playground is far too small for number of pupils
I think it would be great for kids to have that space to play, explore and learn.
Continue the progress made in cutting air pollution and providing the children with a better, more varied, environment
I think the playground is too small for the number of kids in school
Although it’s unlikely to happen before our youngest child has left Sciennes, we’re very much in favour of closing the road permanently to motorised traffic – as well as allowing the playground to be extended, it will also calm traffic in the area and create a more tranquil environment around the school for people who live and work in the area. There’s a danger, however, that the Livingstone Place/Melville Terrace/Sylvan Place route would become a ‘rat run’ so further traffic calming measures would need to be put in place there to encourage people to drive along Grange Road instead.
This road is a dangerous dog leg, with plenty of alternative routes around it. Drivers often don’t respect the 20mph limit. For such a large school, the children don’t have an appropriately sized play area, and this development would redress the balance, and make very good use of currently un-used space.
The school’s intake has grown in the past view years, but the total playground area available has remained the same. In addition, the playground areas, even before the expansion, was already too small. An extension of the playground would greatly benefit the children.
Yes should be closed so children can Enter the school gates safely
Wonderful idea – couldn’t agree more. Given the shockingly small per-pupil area of playground at present, it seems like the best way to try and redress this.
This is a no brainer! Passing traffic is a constant serious safety risk for the kids at the school, as well as a source of pollution that directly & unavoidably affects the children playing outside! Please close the road asap!
We need space as playground, at the moment the space is very limited.
The school badly needs extra outdoor space so having the road closed would provide that and allow safer access to the nature strip across the road. The extra green space would benefit the local community as well as the school.  Closing the road would also calm traffic in the area which would be a benefit to other road users and inconvenience very few now that the hospital is closing.
(1) Road safety.  The current arrangement is unsafe.  Drivers regularly ignore the flashing lights during school hours and occasional “staffing” of the lights with parents is at breaking point and carries its own risks.  The Council has been unable to fill the lollipop person post for several years.  Everything else has been tried, and closing the road is the only safe and realistic option.  (2) Size of playground.  The playground is ridiculously small at present given the number of children in the school (nearly 700).
I would favour option 2a as the most likely to be acceptable to both the Council, residents and local conservation groups. In my view the removal of the listed wall is likely to be problematic, and in the artists impressions provided might result in greater difficulties in ensuring the school site was secure (when needed).
Playground currently feels too small so extra space would be welcomed!
Play ground is totally overcrowded. Kids need space to run about, to encourage physical health for later life and run off excess energy so they can sit still and concentrate in class. Marchmont doesn’t need that as a through road making drop off and pick ups safer too. Why would anyone not want to convert it to playground?!
This is a superb initiative which will not only benefit the school and its pupils but also create a much-improved open civic space for the local community. Traffic in the local area is already too heavy and this will increase safety for all local people, reduce pollution, encourage more people to cycle or walk to school and cut the need for parents and volunteers to monitor traffic on school mornings. There is overwhelming evidence that open and varied space for primary school pupils is hugely beneficial to both mental well-being and leanring outcomes. This is a great opportunity for Edinburgh Council to trial a new model of civic planning especially when the majority of city-centre schools have incredibly small open areas for play.
With the sick kids closing this is really a no brainer, the playground is far to small for the number of children and this would not only solve that problem but give the local community more pedestrian and social space.
Why the need to retain any route through and close off the area completely – then incorporate a section of the nature garden as well in to the playground. Why not just  create turning heads at either side of the extended school playground.    Also why can’t the existing school gates be removed / relocated so that the play space makes more sense – what’s the need for keeping them as they are in either option?
This proposal sounds like an excellent idea. I fully support it
The closure of the road and adding the space to the school playground is a fantastic idea. The outdoor space which is currently occupied by the school is small and is close to the road which makes it dangerous to the children. The closure of the road will not only improve the kids safety but it will also increase the air quality in the area- with reduction on cars’ pollution. The new increased playground area will create the nice usable space for the children to allwo them spend more time outdoor and grow up in a more healthy environment. It will also reduce the noise level caused by the children which will be beneficial for both school and neighborhood.
The children’s need for extra playground space outweighs anyone’s need to park outside the playground.
Given the number of pupils in the school, it is essential that the school secures more playground space. Unless part of the grounds of the current Sick Kids can be purchased for use by the school, closing the road seems to be a sensible option. It will also improve safety: many car drivers are still aware that the road is closed to vehicles at the start and end of the school day, and come along the road at those times at high speed, putting the children in danger.
Sciennes has a very large student body and is in dire need of further space for children at playtime. There are safety issues as it stands in terms of the numbers of children gaining entry to school and crossing the road. Road closure in front of the school converted into a playground can only enhance the safety and well being of children at Sciennes.
Option 2b
I think outdoor space is incredibly important for young people and this would give them that, all important, extra space.
Children need more space and the safety will improve
Recent research shows the play space per child is a fraction of what is healthy. So the government and council should be involved in making it happen, in my opinion.
I believe the children would benefit immensely from additional play space. Closure would also reduce the need to monitor traffic during drop off and pick up and result in a safer environment.
The playground is too small and now the hospital is moving, there would be less need to have a road there
The evidence is clear that air pollution reduces very significantly when the road is closed, benefitting the health and particularly pulmonary health of children.  IN addition the lack of playground space, and the opportunity for proper exercise, is the main problem the school has, and that can be usefully alleviated by the road closure.  Finally, the risk of road traffic casualties is reduced.
At present the school ground restricts the ability of children to play team sports within the school grounds.  Is there a minimal desirable sqm per pupil?   In my opinion increasing the area of the playground is very desirable.  Would this additional space be sufficient to provide an  outdoor sports court space for PE?
The current playground is too small for the number of children that attend Sciennes school. With growing problems of obesity among young children, a larger playground would not only give children the chance to exercise more at breaktime, but also allow for the installation of a mixed-use pitch/court for outdoor gym. As Sciennes is an old school, it has none of the advantages of outdoor pitches that some of the newer schools have. Thus, children have more limited opportunities to play team sports either at school or in after-school clubs.
This is a one moment in time opportunity both for the Sciennes School community and also the City of Edinburgh Council to have th chance to enhance both the school environment and the area in general for residents too.
Sciennes Road is not a main street, too important for the good traffic circulation. Shutting down part of this road will not really cause andy disruption to the circulation of vehicles. On the other hand, it will create a safe space for our children, to play and develop, besides broadening the playground, the main reason for this debate.
I think it would be a great opportunity to extend the playground and reduce air pollution around the school. Either option 2a or 2b would be fine with me.
The playground is very over crowded and there is no need for vehicle access now RHSC closing.
We absolutely need a bigger playground and this seems like the best solution available
I think this would bring real benefits to the school and surrounding community in terms of outdoor space, reduced emissions, exercise and safety.
Sciennes is a large school with an increasing number of pupils – playground space is very much needed. As Sick Kids is closing there should be less need for vehicle access across Sciennes road, and as access for cars is available through Hatton place anyway it should not be too disruptive to close the road.
Yes. The additional play space would be very welcome, as would creating a better/safer link to the nature strip.
It would be great if Sciennes school, with its over 600 pupils, had a larger playing area. This will also connect the existing playground with the wood area across the road, which is often been used for lots of children’s activities.
Excellent idea. Extending ‘running’ space absolutely needed. No of kids in playground at times concerning.
I can only see pupil numbers rising at Sciennes (especially with the Sick kids development) and the school already needs a bigger playground for the current roll numbers. This is the only chance to expand the current space. It would be amazing!  Closing the road would also help to make walking to and from school safer – or at least remove the need for volunteers to ‘police’ the temporary closures.  My family have been at Sciennes for the last 10 years and we only have a few more years with a child there. They may not benefit directly but we are all in favour of this. Any increase in safe (car-free), semi-public space in this car clogged city is also to be welcomed
The play area for the children needs to be extended however it would be far safer for the children too, what might need to be ascertained is alternative routes for emergency vehicles but I think it’s a great idea!
The kids need more space to play. Would also solve the traffic problem.
Bigger playground for the kids will be beneficial. Closing the road for local access I don’t think will be a major issue after sick kids hospital relocates.
Great idea
there really isn’t enough room for the children to play safely in the existing playground.
Extra space and safety
Despite efforts to partially close the road at school start and finish, there remains a tangible risk as traffic still passes through,  but the kids have a sense the road is closed.  The current playground is a huge improvement on previously,  but is still very small for the size of the school. We also have worries about site traffic when the rhsc is being developed so hope the road will be closed before this.
The playground is far too small for such a large school.  If the Council cannot agree to close the road then it should seek the surrender of part of the neighbouring hospital site in favour of the school as part of the planning conditions. Lastly, as someone who lives nearby, it would be good if an extended playground was open for use by children at weekends.
Strongly in favour of proposals
I think it would be a fantastic idea once the hospital closes as there are many other routes for drivers around that area and it would improve the cramped  playground conditions for a school this size no end. I believe Sciennes primary has the lowest area of playground to child ratio in Edinburgh and with outdoor play so important in children’s development and learning this could prove an essential lifeline for a cramped city school.
I support this because it would improve road safety and reduce harmful emissions around the school.
Playground currently too cramped for such a big school. Keeps better air quality. More outdoor play.  Please do this.
Great opportunity to provide additional playground space for the children without creating major inconvenence to anyone else.
With such a large school, play space for all the kids is more important than parking for a few cars
Children definitely need freedom to play and explore. Extended playground will provide more natural play opportunities to children.
Safer and more space for pupils to play
This would have a very positive impact on the school community and allow for more free space to play in for a very large primary school.
Sciennes Primary School playground is small in relation to the number of pupils in the school.  Every effort is made by the school to improve the children’s facilities but as a landlocked city centre site this is the only opportunity for expansion. Hopefully it will also improve road safety around the school as a temporary closure is still flouted by some.
This is a great idea for the local community. The school children desperately need more space for active play which is safe. My children often talk about kids bumping into each other in the playground because its so busy and full. This is leading to accidents and tension between children. I really support this idea – whoever came up with it deserves a medal!
The growing numbers of children need more space to play and grow.  Converting the road is far cheaper than building a new school
A great solution to allow a bigger playground space for a very big school.
It is a large school with a small playground and there are a number of roads around where traffic could easily be diverted. Public access along Sciennes Road, if it were essential, could be managed with a pedestrian pathway along the wall of the gardens opposite the school. I don’t see any disadvantage to the community of closing off this small section of road given all the other routes available and I think the benefit to the school and its pupils would significantly outweigh any possible disadvantages to other users of this route. This is particularly the case now that the RHSC is moving away. Finally, given the number of people who disregard the informal arrangements for road closure, a complete closure would significantly improve child safety.
I prefer option 2b where the main playground is extended as the extra space would be used more often.   One possibility to achieve option 2 but to reduce the practical differences between the two options would be to have a bridge (or even designed into a climbing/ramped zone) over the pedestrian right of way/cycle route so that the wooded area was accessible at all times without the need for teacher supervision of access.  Roger McHattie, parent of Eliza McHattie, p1c
Children need space to just be and the current playground, as amazing as it is is just too crowded. The extra space would be such an asset to the development and lives of the children.
This is a no brainer. An further option to completely close the road so that the whole area can be dedicated to playground should also be explored.
It would be wonderful for there to be more space for the children to play.
Sciennes is in desperate need of more playground space. I’m in favour of any plans that can make this happen.
1) Vehicles and people from 3 roads on the left (Livingston Place, Sciennes Road and Tantallon Place) converging to Sciennes Road to come/leave school, adds traffic pressure near School gate. Closing the road will keep traffic distributed in those 3 roads (than 1).   2) There’s a high number of children in Sciennes School and the playground is not big enough for them. Currently children go out in batches at snack and lunch times to avoid overcrowding the playground. Having the road space and the green space across will certainly help with additional space. The greens could be particularly calming for children – for better concentration and emotional well being.
Great idea!  Hope the neighbours like it, too!!  😀
This will hugely impact upon the childrens ability to explore outside space more freely. It will enable them to have more space for creative play and positively affect their health and wellbeing.
The road should be closed completely.  I think it is more dangerous as it is with some vehicles allowed access. So kids think they don’t have to look when actually they do – that is worse especially when you are teaching them to look at ‘every road’ and then suddenly there’s a road you don’t have to look – not great for a 5 year old or a distracted 11 year old with her friends
I welcome the idea of pedestrianising Sciennes Road- it will make it safer and more pleasant for students and residents alike. Thank you for your hard work.
Crowded playground increasing number of pupils
Great idea and it would enough more families to cycle or walk to school.  Outdoor play space is really important and this is my main reason for supporting this project.
Would make it much safer for children, as too many cars are failing to observe the road closure at home time in particular. Great to have more space as well.
This is an excellent idea of reducing traffic and increasing play and pedestrianisation and increasing green spaces
Great to have more space
Definitely – the current playground is far too small for the amount of children that use it.
I think this would be significant improvement for the pupils, parents and local residents,  with only a mild inconvenience for drivers. It is an important opportunity for a community to show leadership in shaping our environment.
The school needs more playground space and closing the road is the it viable option.
This would provide extra much needed outdoor space and a safer street around the school.
I have witnessed the constant disregard for the 20 mile an hour speed limit by drivers. Removing the risk factors will safe guard the children who have to cross sciennes road.
A great idea.
I think it is a very good idea and am keen to strongly support the proposals.
Due to the size of the school and rising number of children attending Sciennes the playground could do with being bigger. I believe the kids at Sciennes would benefit greatly from having a bigger playground.
would significantly improve road safety and could create more space to encourage others to cycle to school/leave bikes. Really keen kids get as much access as they can to outdoor learning and this would help facilitate this.
Reduced risk of car accidents, improvement in air quality and increased play space all huge advantages to closure. Impact to surrounding streets should be considered.
The current road closures are ignored by some motorists making the road more dangerous than previously. An increase in area of the playground would greatly benefit the children.
The present playground is far too small for the number of children in Sciennes. After RHSC has moved to its new site at Little France there is no need for ambulance access. I live in the area and I would be more than happy to lose that bit of road in order that the local school has more outside space.
Plan b would give the children more freedom to move in one large space. It maybe that you could get permission to remove parts of the railing/wall but not all. The problem then being how you keep the gravel in place for the jumping areas. It would seem a better idea to bring the playground out straight at both sides and remove the gates. Creating two new entrances to the playground. I’m assuming that the public access would be completely fenced off from the playground, and not a walkway through it. Ultimately neither plan is ideal if access for public has to remain, unless the nature strip is used for their access.
Yes, definitely close the road. The school needs the play space. Public would quickly get used to driving other ways, and traffic would be less when no sick kids access needed.
More space required for amount of children
Increasing the size of the playground will allow the school grounds to melt into the wider area and become a living part of the surrounding community.  It will help to soften the boundary between school and environment and encourage the appreciation thereof.
It would seem like a good idea. The playground is barley adequate in size at the moment especially since the recent upgrade.  No more sand please.  It would be good to get a piece of the Sick Kids land directly behind/adjacent to the west bike shed.
Even as a local resident I don’t think it’s necessary to be able to drive along Sciennes road, there are alternative routes
Much safer for the children and should hopefully give more space.
It’s a great idea – but the main problem with this proposal is that the roads on either side (Sylvan Place and Livingston Place) are not wide enough to cope with the significantly increased levels of traffic which would result from a permanent closure of the road.
This would allow more space for playtime and extra breaks – possibly allowing all children to finish school at the same time
It would provide much needed outdoor play space to an over subscribed city centre school
Much safer for the children. More space for the children. Less car congestion
I think this is a must for the school, a very important project
It’s probably the only chance the school will get to increase the space it has AND make the environment safer so we should go for it!!
This is a unique opportunity to give our children more room to play and learn.  I really hope that the council support this request.
There is a terrible lack of play space at Sciennes. Additionally, the road continues to be a hazard for children at breaks and before and after school. For these two critical reasons, the road closure and conversion to a play space is absolutely the right move. I wholeheartedly endorse the plan.
I would like to see the road closed to allow for more space for the children to play. I think having the extended play area as part of the primary area already existing (such as 2b) would be better than a remote area requiring children to leave the fence to access.
If the main playground area can’t be enlarged (rather than the woodland area) then I don’t think it justifies the closure. However enlarging the main playground certainly does.
It would be great to have a much bigger playground, specially to enlarge the forest one. To Have more acces to nature it would add an important value to the edication.
Although this isn’t the school’s fault, the current road closures don’t work well. The periods when the road is closed are too short and many drivers ignore the signs. It is also unfair and unsustainable to have to rely on parents to enforce the rules. In short it’s an improvement, but a bit of a British fudge    Closing the road permanently is a better idea which will lead to a big improvement to this area (also for other pedestrians). One thing which the plan should consider though is that closing the road won’t make it any easier for children to cross nearby roads (e.g. the junction of St Catherine’s Road and Sciennes Road or the junction of Tantallon Road and Hatton Place). It would be good if thought could be given to given pedestrians more priority at these junctions – for example by zebra crossings/narrowing the junctions/raising the road to the level of the pavement etc.     As regards the options, option 2b would be my preference as it would create one larger/more usable playground rather than 2 sections split by a crossing. You’ll no doubt hear from many people how important it is not to lose the existing boundary wall, but in my view you need to move the wall in order to get the maximum benefit. In addition, although the wall is old, is it really all that nice? For one the railings/gates are poorly maintained. It should be possible to move it or replace it with something similar nearer the woodland strip
The school needs more outside space. The car’s are not following the road closure expectations. All local roads can allow movement for residents regardless of road closure.
I think it’s a great idea and prefer option 2.
The school has had the new no through traffic sign during pickup and drop for over a year and motorist are still not adhering to it and no one I have heard of has gotten a ticket for it yet. There is a need for volunteers to stand there pointing at it for it to work.  Now there is no need for emergency access for the hospital, there is no need for the road to be accessed.
This would tremendously improve the environment for the children, and make it safer too.
Might be the only way to ensure a suitably sized space for the number of children at Sciennes.
This will reduce traffic pollution near to the school and will increase the size of the play area, which is currently very small given the size of the school. I’m also a local resident and don’t view this as being an inconvenience, so long as footpath is available.
The approach should have a positive impact on the school (playground size, road safety, air quality) and limited negative impact on the local community.
Could the pedestrian/cycle way not be at the edge, i.e. Where the nature strip is, so the playground is in one piece.     The knock on effect of cars stopping and dropping on tantallon place etc does concern me
This would move the boundary of the school, local people would get used to it, there’s no need to have it as a through road. Greater safety and more space to learn.
The additional playground space would be hugely valuable to the children.
The road will become obsolete, only 8 parking spaces would be lost. Able to still have pavement/cycling space and more space for kids.
It will provide much needed space for children to play.  It will  also reduce a car “rat run” through Sciennes and instead promote walking/cycling in the Sciennes community.  I don’t think that the wishes of car users should be made such priority by planners in Edinburgh when making decisions. I prefer the example where the nature strip is expanded- it seems to create a second playground of a good, useful size.  Could the pedestrian/cycle route be closed from 12:00-13:20 to allow free movement of pupils?  a bit like the school street scheme but with gates that goes across?
This is an excellent idea making our children safer en route to/from school at the same time as providing extra space to play which is badly needed!
Much safer for children
A school with nearly 700 kids needs large outdoor space and road closer would provide this increase is much needed outdoor space. Keeping cars and traffic at distance from a primary school is added bonus, make the immediate surrounding of the school safe for children walking, biking to school by road closure.
This would transform the playground and provide much needed extra space to play, children at Sciennes have one of the smallest areas of play space per head in Scotland. It would also remove the traffic risk which continues despite the road closure at start and end of the day due to drivers ignoring the signs.
I think it is an excellent idea and will give the children much needed extra playing space.
With the hospital closure this provides an ideal opportunity to consider options and closing the road would benefit the school at little impact to vehicle access.
Absolutely agree with the road closure – even though there is a 20mph limit it’s not even during pick up and drop off times when there are scooters prams etc spilling onto the road
Many thanks to the individuals who have made so much progress with this issue to date – all your hard work is very much appreciated! More outdoor playspace for our children is an important objective, esp given that the current playspace is way too small for our large school roll.
Sciennes school playground is an over-crowded space. Although the space has been much enriched by the development of the playground, it remains that it still fits too many children into too small a space – restricting their play and causing potential danger because of the quantity of children running around at one time. There are also restrictions on the amounts of sports activity that can be carried out in the playground. The re-development of the Sick Kids site gives a fantastic opportunity to re-imagine the space around it, and give priority to the local community to re-think the use of this space.
The hospital move is a perfect opportunity to give the kids enough space to play creatively and safely.
The current playground is too small for the number of children attending Sciennes. There is no need for this part of the road to be open to traffic as there are other ways to drive to adjecent streets. The bigger playgroyund would enhance the children’s daily lives but also add an important outside space to the local community.
If this happens the school streets closures during morning and afternoon drop off and pick up should be retained and extended to surrounding streets.
Sporting area?
My Children love the new playground, this could only be further enhanced by gaining additional space
Very important for the safety of the kids who go to the school.
People just ignor the closure times currently and this is the only way to ensure people aren’t allowed to use this road. I am sick of seeing people drive down the road and parking on the single and double yellow lines and have seen so many close calls. It’s inconsiderate and lazy.
Much needed and a fantastic use of space.
Current pollution is my main concern as well as the 5sqm minimum recommendation per pupil.
Interesting proposals. Require common sense and goodwill all round for the shared access east west.  Good luck!
The road does not form any major route and the network of roads around Sciennes can accomodate displaced traffic. Emergency vehicles to sick kids will not be inconvienced prior to it’s move to Little France.
Current play ground is too small for the number of pupils
The road has become far safer since it closed at School drop off and pick up times. Pollution levels have dropped and more children and cycling or walking to school.  The current playground allows children less that half the square footage of space that they should have to play in, extending the playground would help to address this.
Children need more useable outdoor space  Less traffic = less pollution, more peaceful & less stressful environment
Good idea safe for children and gives them more space… playground is very small considering the number of pupils
I think it’s a great idea as the playground is small for the number of children at the School also much safer for the children if the road is closed all the time.
The road outside the school sees a significant volume of traffic which is not conducive to a safe, healthy air environment for the children. Whilst it is closed at the beginning and end of the school day the continual traffic during the school day when the nature garden is used is not conducive to an optimal play / learning environment.
The pupils need much more space than they currently have. Closing the road to vehicles will have a positive impact on active travel for everyone.
why not make cycle/pedestrian way along wall to house gardens, allowing playground to be joined up.  There is then no need for supervised crossing
Fewer cares in a densely populated area can only be good news
Option 2 looks wonderful … & safe!  Good for children & the neighbourhood
would be great to have more space and less traffic!
I think it would be very beneficial to have the added playground space, and the disturbance to the neighbours outside the school would be justified.
This would be a great asset – I am particularly in favour of enlarging the woodland & making a more accessible space for play.  The current playground is wonderful and ore space would be very valuable.  I am also a local resident – Livingstone Place.  Quality of road surface on Melville Terrace currently very poor and would need improved for access if Sciennes Road no longer open to vehicles.
Playground is far too small and some solution needs to be found.  Am happy to let school describe which option it finds most manageable and potentially successful for all kids and the community.
Like both options.  Sounds a great proposal and would stop daft situation of parents patrolling in the mornings; far better for pupils.
Sciennes would benefit from more playspace, it’s a very large no of pupils school.  Also a mixed use, ie green space for lessons, reflection etc combined with space for activitiy eg climbing and football would benefit the school.  I particularly like the idea that a school is more than a building so can the acquired space be used as classrooms?
The school desperately needs some more space for so many children to play.  Also much safer.
This would give the children ability to play and stop motor vehicles going past.  Strongly, strongly agree!
This inner city school needs more space particularly when RHSK is sold/redeveloped as housing thereby putting increasing placement pressure on the school.
I think this would create much needed space for the children, as well as increasing safety, by stopping traffic from going along that road.
Why not put pedestrian route most south (against wall with Hatton Place back gardens, where woodland area is now) and open up the rest as a playground extension? You can still keep the boundary wall, making 2 semi-separate playgrounds which could have advantages.
This area is non-residential, and is well serviced by routes at each end.  There is no requirement for cars to be using this route.
I think it is a good idea. However, if the traffic is diverted around the block it might cause problems on the other side unless parking is suspended adjacent to Victor Hugo cafe. The road there is narrow.
This course of action would provide the additional space that is greatly needed, given the capacity of the school, without causing too much disruption for local residents.
I do agree with the closure of Sciennes to motor vehicles to allow an extension for child play area to be increased, however, I do have concerns about the traffic congestion this will cause to the adjoining streets.
It might be nice for the safety of the kids and to give them more space for running about.
I agree the playground would benefit from expanding to create a large open area which was lost as a result of the phase 1 development. There is obviously not enough space for varied activities anymore Eg bike club, ball games.    I do not agree with either of the options presented because both retain pedestrian access through 2 play areas and rely on staff to supervise crossing.     It is only worth doing if you can close the road entirely to both cars and pedestrians/cyclists. Then the playground would be one open manageable space within a single enclosing boundary. More easy to supervise and more secure. If pedestrian access must be retained after wider consultation could the designers create the  required access route to the far south against the garden walls of hatton place?    Phase one was pushed through consultation stage in a short timescale and then quickly built over the summer. In hindsight perhaps it would have benefited from more planning time and careful design input. Any further development should not be rushed. ie. Why has it already been decided you can’t close the road entirely before consulting with parents and the wider community? It would be a shame to reach that conclusion without exploring options in full. Please explore the option of closing the road further before you discount it.     If you can negotiate a road closure that’s great however please don’t then plan any further immovable “landscaped areas”. Please take on board all views and don’t reach final design decisions without full consultation/checks with all necessary stakeholders/authorities.
Before I would have said no as it was vital access to the hospital but if it is going to be converted to housing, access can easily be created from the other direction. It offers an excellent opportunity for the school to extend their playground and would make school access safer at the same time.
the current playground is too small for all of the children
The existing playground is not big enough and too much hard surfaces, in which my son has quite a few accidents. Get rid of all the Rocky parts!
Especially when the hospital moves I don’t see a point for keeping the road open.
Will give the children more activities
if the road will be turned into the playground for the kids then I agree. but I don’t feel stopping cars going through makes any difference as long as are aware and drive slow, I don’t see the huge proble with kids looking before they cross
Cars go too fast through there and even at school opening and closing times where the road is supposed to be closed many vehicles still go through
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