Playground Improvement Plan – Phase 3

Towards the end of last year we emailed the school community about our plans to expand the playground by closing Sciennes road to motorised traffic. Although closed to traffic, we would need to maintain a route through for pedestrians and cyclists.  We included plans showing how that could be achieved with two different configurations – one with the pedestrian / cycle route following the pavement on the northern side of Sciennes road (next to the existing playground railings), the other with the pedestrian / cycle route following the pavement on the south side of Sciennes road (along the edge of the nature strip).

Playground update Aug 2018

These plans are above.  Quite a few of you came to the workshop we held at the end of last year.

We also invited your views on the playground expansion a couple of times in the summer and it was great to hear feedback and comments. At all these feedback opportunities there has been support for our plans to expand the playground and a preference for the layout which brings the pedestrian / cycle access along the north side of Sciennes road.  During this time, we have also been liaising closely with the developers of the Sick Kids Hospital site and City of Edinburgh Council.

Last week we spoke to the teachers and other staff at the school again to gauge their opinions.  The staff were also in favour of this option.

We will now move ahead to get detailed plans drawn up to submit for planning permission.  If you have any feedback of comments at this stage, please contact Laura at  There will be an opportunity to view plans again and discuss any thoughts you might have before the Parent Council meeting on 13th Sept.

It is worth adding that we have taken advice from Ironside Farrar, transport consultants and landscape architects.

If any of you are interested in joining the group taking this project forward we would love to hear from you.  Again, please email Laura.

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