Playground Group – update

The Playground Group (previously known as Buildings & Facilities), has been making great progress over recent months and we thought a little round up might be useful to share with you all.

Front Playground – Textures and materials

The SMT and Playground Group are due to meet with Julie Kelly from Estates after half term, date TBC.

The Estates Dept have taken charge of the playground and the maintenance regime – although they are not paying for it.  If we want any influence they need to be lobbied.  Saara Reid has been meeting with contractors.  The Estates Dept have now hired a mini digger to replace the compacted gravel areas.  We need to establish how often the gravel parts need digging out to remain safe and playful.

Big tree

Laura Bird has have written to councillors about the Ash Tree.  Hopefully Alison Dickie will ensure that we get a replacement tree.  Saara Reid has spoken with the sculptor about the old Ash tree but as the trunk is hollow it may not have great sculptural value.  However green wood is great for woodworking (eg so we’re exploring whether perhaps the children could have some hands-on spoon carving lessons?  Earth Calling, who run the Thursday after school club, could provide the tools and teaching.  The logs and boughs could also replenish the nature strip if that is clarified in advance the tree surgeon.

Willow Bower

Kirstin Unger reported that the Willow structure was vandalised over the Xmas break.  We are investigating whether we have an insurance policy for this.  All the structures together cost £5,000 and we got a grant to pay for it originally.

Back Playground

Kirstin Unger has asked that we give the P3 growing area behind the school some attention.  In particular lopping off a big branch that shades the raised beds and an outside tap.

Nature Strip

Thanks to Saara Reid’s persistence, the contractors have removed the fence and put the gate in the right place.

Sciennes Road

Phoebe Cochrane and Judith Gillespie have made a break through with CEC.  Within six – nine months the council are planning to build out the pavement into the middle of the road and put the (still not very clear) sign in the middle.  Well done all the Sciennes Road team!!!

Sick Kids

Fiona Denvir and Douglas Rogers from the Community Council had a final go at lobbying CEC.  In the end the front car park was passed.


Jane Ewins has heroically volunteered to pull together a first draft of our application.


If anyone has questions, suggestions, or offers of help for this group, please contact Laura Bird.

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