Sciennes Safer School Streets – Thank you and Guidance Notes

street signThe School and Parent Council would like to thank all Sciennes parents and carers for their support and enthusiasm for the CEC’s School Streets project. We can already see a huge improvement in the traffic situation outside the school at these critical times. In particular the streets are significantly quieter on the days when we have volunteers from school and parent community standing on the streets drawing the drivers’ attention to the restrictions.

It is vital that we have as many volunteers as possible to allow children and adults to observe social distancing and other safety guidance.

We require a minimum of 2 volunteers per session. We use a Doodle Poll to fill these sessions, and a WhatsApp group for last minute arrangements and changes.

Sessions are (currently):

  • Monday-Friday Drop-Off; 08:35 – 09:00
  • Friday Pick-up; 11:55 – 12:25

Please provide your details in this form,and we’ll be in contact.

Many thanks, Bob Carr


  • All volunteers should wear a hi-viz vest/jacket either your own or one provided by the    school. These are available from the school office. Please be at the school 5 minutes before your allocated slot to liaise with the other volunteers on rota that shift.
  • Stand where you are visible and well in advance of the flashing notices so that you can easily point to the notices if anyone is in any doubt about the road closure. Also this gives drivers fair warning to divert and avoids the need for U-turns.
  • In general you simply have to direct approaching traffic away from Sciennes Road i.e up Tantallon Road if you are at the east end and down Sylvan place if you are at the west end. If you are at the bottom of Livingstone Place then please keep the traffic flowing east or west and away from Livingstone Place.
  • A few, but very few, vehicles are allowed through. Blue badge holders collecting or dropping off children to the school; emergency vehicles, valid permit holders and patients going to sick kids. HOWEVER WITH THE EXCEPTION OF EMERGENCY VEHICLES THESE VEHICLES SHOULD BE ADVISED TO GO EXTREMELY SLOWLY.
  • Never at any point become involved in any lengthy discussions or in any altercation – your role is simply to direct the traffic with a smile!
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