Sciennes School Fundraising Campaign 2020-2023

Who is involved?

As a school, we are incredibly lucky to have the support of Sciennes Parent Council and our charity, Friends of Sciennes School (FSS), who both raise funding to help us achieve our shared aim of enhancing the educational growth and experience of our children, aligned to the School’s Quality Improvement Plan.

Our traditional fundraising activities run by the Parent Council Fundraising Group include: the winter and summer fairs; P1 tea towels; Christmas cards; sponsored events (eg swimathon, fun run); second hand uniform and badge sales; social events for the children; and providing teas and coffees at parent consultations.

The FSS, as a charitable trust, has also benefitted from the generosity of families and the community through charitable donations and grants from charitable trusts and funding bodies. Thanks to the gift-aid scheme, FSS can reclaim money from the government on charitable donations from UK taxpayers, including donations in relation to sponsored events, at no extra cost to the donor. Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer resulting in a significant boost to FSS income. Higher rate tax payers can reclaim additional tax relief (via their tax return).

Due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, our ability to deliver many of our usual fundraising activities has been seriously curtailed over the 2019/20 school year and is likely to continue for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year and potentially beyond. Despite this, both groups have been working hard to develop alternative means of fundraising which are both safe for our school community and sustainable in the future.

What are our funding priorities?

Working with the School, we have set a number of ambitious fundraising targets for the year ahead with an overall aim of enhancing the educational growth and experience of our children as summarised below.

Resource/opportunity needed2020-21* Proposed source of funding
Subsidising activities/excursions for low income families£3,000FSS
15 Promethean (interactive) Boards£11,167PC & FSS
Extra-curricular opportunities£5,000FSS
Sumdog subscription£2,000PC
Playground maintenance£2,000PC
Contingency funding£3,000PC
TOTAL£26,167PC & FSS
*NOTE: the activities and sums will be the same for academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23

One of the key areas from a financial perspective is the purchase of Promethean Boards.  The school have advised the Parent Council and FSS that the majority of the current ‘smart’ technology boards within the school classrooms are faulty / no longer operational and that it would be beneficial for our children’s learning experience for new boards to be installed. It has been confirmed that the purchase of these boards are not covered by statutory or local funding.  John Armstrong, Principal Teacher, has undertaken considerable research on the technology options and associated costs.  

To meet these funding targets and provide these resources for the whole school, both groups have created fundraising opportunities.

How will we raise the funds?

Sciennes Parent Council will provide opportunities for events based fundraising throughout the academic year 2020-21, giving families the opportunity to support school fundraising via:

  • P1 tea towels
  • Halloween trail
  • Christmas cards
  • Sale of Sciennes branded merchandise
  • Winter trail
  • Spring and/or Summer events TBC

However, with current and expected continuing restrictions, we anticipate that these events, at least in the immediate future, will not be enough to raise all of the funding needed.

Therefore, Friends of Sciennes School will launch a specific and targeted fundraising campaign in the New Year, in line with its charitable objectives.

This fundraising campaign will run for the next three years. It will include a mix of:

  • seeking individual donations from the school community and Sciennes alumni
  • sponsored events within the school community (when conditions permit).

These events will provide further opportunities for our pupils to take the lead in ideas that will generate extra funds and enhance their leadership, organisational and educational skills.

How can you help?

Support the FSS Fundraising Campaign

In previous years, staff, pupils and parents have taken part in a variety of organised events (e.g. Edinburgh Marathon) and have kindly donated part or all of the donations received to FSS. Your employer may also have a charity match funding scheme in place which the FSS would be delighted to receive. If you have an event in mind and would be willing to support FSS please contact Andrew Hunter (Chair of FSS) in the first instance.  

FSS welcome charitable donations at any time and these can be made via the FSS JustGiving Campaign site or by contacting Andrew Hunter. If you are a UK taxpayer please tick the gift-aid box to enable FSS to reclaim an additional 25% of your donation in tax from the government.

Support the Parent Council events-based fundraising

Get involved with the planned Winter Trail and other fundraising activities, as a participant or as a helper. We hope that our combined efforts will provide families the opportunity to support the school in a way that is financially accessible and achievable in a safe manner in the current time. Your continued time and generosity in supporting these activities is greatly appreciated by the school and all of our pupils.

Finally, if you have any ideas for fundraising or are able to help with these activities, please get in touch with the Fundraising Group at They would be delighted to hear from you.

Sciennes Primary Parent Council

Trustees of Friends of Sciennes School

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