Friends of Sciennes School

Friends of Sciennes School (FSS) is a registered charity (Scottish Registered Charity Number SC029465) which was set up to support the school and its pupils.

You can find out more about FSS and how to support them in our leaflet

The current members of FSS are:

Alison Noble, Sciennes Head Teacher (Chair)

Catherine McCormack (Treasurer)

Parent Council Fundraising and Events Convener

Bruce Crawford, Parent (Trustee)

Jo Kite, Parent (Trustee)

Stuart Sheehan, Parent (Trustee)

Fleur Ruckley, Parent (Trustee)

Diane Glass, Parent (Trustee)

Chair of Parent Council (Trustee)

A local councillor is invited to attend FSS meetings to provide valuable input and to support good governance and transparency.