Sciennes Primary Travel Committee

The Sciennes Primary Travel Committee works to create safe, low pollution active travel routes for pupils to travel to and from the school, and for residents to travel through our local area.

The convener for this group is Franca MacLeod.

Working alongside other residents through the Newington Safe Routes Group, we have developed a proposal for a safe, convenient and low pollution active travel route between Cameron Toll Shopping Centre and the Meadows. The proposal takes advantage of planned infrastructure (such as upgraded crossings on Grange Road) and propose new interventions (such as planters or bollards) to create a protected route between Cameron Toll and the Meadows.

This quiet route will:

  • Provide a safe and low pollution active travel option through the neighbourhood, avoiding polluted main roads where possible
  • Enable local children to get to school and nursery
  • Facilitate children travelling independently through the neighbourhood
  • Enable residents to reach Cameron Toll shopping centre
  • Enhance access to local shops and businesses on Causewayside, Salisbury Place, Ratcliffe Terrace and Mayfield Road
  • Facilitate access to Edinburgh city centre and other parts of the city Reduce conflict between vulnerable road users and motorised vehicles, encouraging more people to walk or cycle around the area
  • Be easier to navigate for people pushing buggies, using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, or who have visual impairments
Newington Safe Routes proposed route map

We have shared the proposal with Edinburgh Council, a range of community and active travel organisations, and similar groups in neighbouring areas. We are currently focused on building wider community support for the proposal by seeking support from local nurseries, care homes and businesses.

Find out more about the group on the Newington Safe Routes Website or on twitter @NewingtonRoutes