About Parent Reps

Class Reps

Parent Class Reps provide a valuable link between the Sciennes Parent Council (PC) and parents within class. To a lesser extent, they also serve as a link between the school and parents.

What Class Reps do:

  • Produce a class contact list for use by parents and carers in the class and ensure it is updated and distributed as necessary (in particular, to include new children who have joined the class).
  • Distribute emails from the Parent Council and the school to other parents in the class via email.
  • Have their name listed on the Parent Council Website.
  • Help spread information to other parents about Parent Council events, activities and volunteering opportunities.
  • Point parents  to Mr Hunter or reception if they have a query which they need to raise with school, or direct them towards the  Parent Council website if they want to raise something with the Parent Council or find out more about how to get involved.
  • Parent Reps are not expected to act as intermediaries between parents and the class teachers, the school or other parents.

Beyond that, Parent Reps can:

  • Organise social events for class parents.
  • Introduce themselves to the class teacher and give class teacher the contact list. Some teachers make greater use of Parent Reps than others.
  • Recruit new Parent Rep(s) at the beginning of a new school year.

Year Reps 

The year rep represents their designated year on Sciennes Parent Council.  This role was started in August 2016.

The role of each Year Rep is to attend all Parent Council meetings as a voting member, and to collect, collate and represent the views of the parents in their year group on Parent Council matters.  They are elected each year at our annual general meeting.

This means a Year Rep has a different role to the Class Rep’s primary function of communication.