Your parent class and year reps

You can find your parent representative for your year stage on parent council and class representative from the listing below.   You can find out more about their roles.

Primary One

  • Year rep – Stephen Tyre
  • Class reps: p1A Jan Closs Wilson; p1B Briauna Fritz, Pauline Demick; p1C Susan Dunlop, Morven Cadell; p1D Sandy Bloomer, Katy Kot.

Primary Two

  • Year rep – Rosa Portero
  • Class reps – p2A Paddy Napier; p2B James Chow; p2C Gill Maguire

Primary Three

  • Year rep – Emma Urquart
  • Class reps – p3A Sue Lewis;  p3B Claire Ly; p3C Domenic Risi, Anna Salman

Primary Four

  • Year rep – Mary Ross
  • Class reps – p4A L-J Stewart; p4B Rachel Davison; p4C Elke Versmessen

Primary Five

  • Year rep – Claire Marshall
  • Class reps – p5A Estelle Keller; p5B Catherine McCormack; p5C Jenny McLay

Primary Six

  • Year rep – L J Stewart
  • Class reps – p6A Tanya Boughtflower; p6B Alison Aitken, Susie Turpie; p6C Emma Melvin

Primary Seven

  • Year rep – Mary Kernohan
  • Class reps – p7A Claudia Rough; p7B Sigurdur Skulason; p7C Mary Kernohan.