Your parent class and year reps

You can find your parent representative for your year stage and class representative from the listing below.   You can also find out more about their roles.

Primary One

  • Year rep – Franca Macleod
  • Class reps: p1A Laura Valkonen & Yuner Winnie; p1B Fiona Atkinson; p1C Ruth Quinn, Dominic Harris, Nandu Ananthanarayan & Claire Barclay; p1D Leda Uberbacher & Nadia Akram

Primary Two

  • Year rep – Grant Catto
  • Class reps: p2A Sarah Phemister & Kat Smith; p2B Zareena Preston; p2C Kath Buchan

Primary Three

  • Year rep – Gidona Henderson
  • Class reps – p3A Mark Joyce & Kate Mitchelmore; p3B Sarah Jordan; p3C Estelle Manson

Primary Four

  • Year rep – Shane Buckeridge
  • Class reps – p4A Charlie Mills & Gill Maguire;  p4B Barbara Hunt & Louise Gillies; p4C Bob Carr

Primary Five

  • Year rep – Äicha Reid
  • Class reps – p5A  Leda Uberbacher; p5B Linda Winskel; p5C Fiona Gellatly & Nasrin O’Kane

Primary Six

  • Year rep – Rosa Portero
  • Class reps – p6A Laura Kinsler; p6B Sarah Jordan; p6C Gill Maguire & Janet Cormack

Primary Seven

  • Year rep – Emma Urquhart
  • Class reps – p7A Sue Lewis ; p7B Catherine McCormack ; p7C Domenic Risi, Emma Urquhart & Anna Salman