Research to develop 2013-2014 action plan

Surveying parents in 2013

Sciennes School ( now Parent) Council aims to represent the views of all parents. This can be a challenge as Sciennes Primary is a large school and parents and carers have different views on a range of matters.

In April 2013 the School Council gave the go-ahead to the Communications Group to carry out a parent survey, the results of which would inform a School Council Action Plan for the next school year.

  • All Sciennes parents and carers were asked how Sciennes Primary could be improved
  • 212 responses were received with over 600 suggestions

The image below shows the responses according to what year group parents / carers had children in.


  • Parent comments were grouped together to enable the School Council to draw out key themes (see gallery below)
  • Senior staff and parents on the School Council worked together to come up with suggestions as to how improvements could be taken forward
  • This is how the School Council Action Plan has been developed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SCIENNES SCHOOL COUNCIL ACTION PLAN 2013 – 2014