Who we are

If you are a parent or carer of a child at Sciennes Primary School you can join the Parent  Council. Sciennes Parent Council aims to be as inclusive as possible and parents / carers who have not formally joined the Parent Council are still very welcome to attend, observe or participate at meetings.

Parent Council is governed by a constitution which defines voting members in three groups:

1. Office bearers are as follows:

  • Chair – LJ Stewart
  • Vice Chair – Morven Cadell
  • Treasurers – LeeAnne Boyle

2. Each year stage has a Year Rep to represent the views of parents and carers:

  • Primary 1 – Grant Catto
  • Primary 2 – VACANT
  • Primary 3 –  Shane Buckeridge
  • Primary 4 –  Leda Uberbacher
  • Primary 5 – Rosa Portero
  • Primary 6 – VACANT
  • Primary 7 – Mary Ross

3. The final group of members are the conveners of Parent Council subgroups which focus on particular areas.   (Parents and carers can get involved in Subgroups even if they chose not to come along to Parent Council Meetings.)  The conveners are:

  • Playground Group – Laura Bird
  • Clubs – Janine Ridley
  • Communications – Emma Kirk
  • Eco – Kirstin Unger
  • Events and Fundraising – Fran Armour
  • Fruit Group – Janet Cormack and Emma Urquhart
  • Health and Wellbeing – Carolyn Anstruther
  • Sciennes Football Club – Gordon Stove

In addition, senior school staff attend the Parent Council as non-voting members:

  • Headteacher – Andrew Hunter
  • Deputy Head – Lucy Gallagher
  • Deputy Head – Carolyn Anstruther
  • Business Manager – VACANT.

The clerk to Parent Council, who takes minutes of meetings and is a non-voting role is currently a VACANT position.

If you would like to get involved in the Parent Council, please come along to a meeting –please see the events calendar for dates.