Club Details

Full details below for each club, together with contact details, dates and pricing. We’ll keep this up-to-date as new clubs offer this option.

ASDT drama club

Organiser & booking arrangements: Brooklyn – or 07891 669863,

Fees £10 for 30 minute one-to-one session

Make A Scene is offering students our fun filled, educational drama lessons in the safety of their own home! Help your child find their confidence.


Booking: or call 0131 653 0580

Time: 2—2.50pm

Dates: Fri 30th April – Fri 25th June

Cost: £54 for the block

Age group: Open to children P4+

ComputerXplorers leads the way in providing technology-based computing activities that are both inspirational and aspirational. Our unique brand of engaging and educational programmes are always hands-on with plenty of fun and interaction.

Design, code and create your own game using Roblox, a highly popular gaming platform. Learn how to create 3D games with little or no coding experience. Learn how to explore and use the tools, apply themes and colours, creating traps and power-ups. We start with designing an obstacle course filled with moving platforms and hazards. By the end of the block we will be fighting off hordes of zombies in Zombie Last Stand! We will be using Roblox Creator for this course.

Our small online groups are very interactive and lots of fun. No prior experience or knowledge required. All you need at home is an internet connection and a laptop/desktop. We will be using free, online software ( and the sessions will be run via Zoom.

Creative writing club

Organiser & booking arrangements: Margaret Reis –

P4s & P5s (maximum 8): 16:00-17:00

P6s & P7s (maximum 10): 17:05 to 18:05

Fees £8.00 for each hour-long class

Dates: 27th April to 22nd June 2021

Sciennes Primary’s first-ever Creative Writing Club returns this term. The Club will use interactive exercises to bring out the fun and creativity of writing, helping pupils to gain skill and confidence in their storytelling and in themselves. New and returning pupils are very welcome!

Due to Covid-19, the Club will run via Zoom until clubs are permitted to be run in person again. A recurring Zoom link will be sent to all participants before their first class.

Guitar Lessons

Organiser & booking arrangements: or 07732 703629

Trish is offering guitar lessons for all levels and ability during the summer holidays. Please contact her directly to organise a suitable day & time.

Spanish Amigos

Booking: or email us at

Dates & times: these vary by year group:

  1. Autumn Term (online lessons)

Tuesday 4:30 – 5:00; 14th Sep – 23rd Nov

Wednesday 4:30 – 5:00; 15th Sep – 24th Nov

Wednesday 5:00 – 5:30 15th Sep – 24th Nov

Cost: £65 (10 weeks) for existing students; £81.99 (10 weeks) including membership pack, book & CD for new students

Boost your child’s confidence – increase their ability to learn a language while they are young. Early exposure to a second language helps children score well in other areas of study, such as maths and verbal grammar.

Spanish is a fun easy to learn language with our tuition and will give your child confidence in their ability to learn and to communicate giving them essential self-confidence at an early age. Children who receive even a small amount of second-language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems.

Spanish Amigos programmes follow the National Curriculum guidelines:

  • Games, music, activity sheets, acting, competitions, visual aids, etc.
  • Lots and lots of fun!
  • Small groups with personal attention for all ages and all levels.

We are committed to teaching small groups and often demand exceeds group sizes so be sure to secure your child’s place by booking early. Please contact us and tell us your child’s name, age group and preferred day and time.

The Young Artists Club

Organiser & booking arrangements: Payam Beint – or 07870 291828

Dates: 21st April to 23rd June 2021

Time: Wednesday, 16:00 – 17:00 p.m.

Cost: £65 in total for 10 sessions, payable at the start of term.

Dates: Wednesday 13th January to 24th March 2021

Young Artists Club is an opportunity for your child in P5-P7 to build their skills in a wide range of media including drawing, painting, 3d modelling and collage. Each lesson will explore artists that will inspire their artwork. The classes aim to be fun, creative and small to ensure the children are well supported. Classes are taught by artist and teacher Payam Beint.

The children will need to their own art materials including a sketchbook (minimum size A4), a drawing pencil, rubber, ruler, a set of paints, paint brushes, colouring pencils, scissors, glue stick, a roll of masking tape and old newspapers.

The sessions will be 1 hour in length with a short break in the middle.

Due to Covid-19, the Club will be run via Zoom. The link will be distributed to all participants before the first class.