Sciennes Playground Improvement Group


The Playground Improvement Group has been set up as a subgroup of the Sciennes School Council. The group was set up in February 2013 and its main aim is to look at ways of improving the Playground space, to ensure that children of all ages derive the most benefit from a safe, fit for purpose and inspiring play environment. Regular meetings will be held to receive and evaluate feedback and to effectively monitor the progress of all agreed initiatives. Meeting minutes will be made available and will also be further discussed by the School Council.

Founding attendees of the Playground Improvement Group:-

o Bruce Crawford
o Christine Rednall
o Mary Kernohan
o Jules Simner
o Alison Noble
o Angela Christie
o Stuart Sheehan

For such an important topic, we would really value as much parental involvement as possible and would encourage new attendees, even on an ad-hoc basis to offer their views and support, particularly any parents who feel they may have skills to offer. Please refer to the School Council website for details of future meetings.

The initial meeting of the SPIG took place on 21 February and topics discussed included:

o Ensuring parental, pupil and staff engagement on playground aspirations
o Considering ideas for the most efficient use of the current available playground space
o Assessing ways of creating new space, for example utilizing the back playground and future possible use of Sick Kids land
o The possible use of Sciennes Road
o Funding of new initiatives
o How playground time is best allocated during the school day

Would you like to get involved with the Sciennes Playground Development Group? If so, click here to find out dates of forthcoming meetings. We would really welcome your support.