Playground Group

This subgroup aims to enhance and increase the accommodation and play space available at the Sciennes Primary School.

The subgroup is chaired by Slim Guedanna.  Dates of meetings will be posted in our diary.

From July 2021 a new build programme will be established to create 4 new classrooms at the back of our school, which represents and wonderful opportunity for the children and teaching staff.  However, whilst the build is underway, we will lose a significant portion of our playground to house 2 temporary classrooms.

Playground Group needs the support and help of the parent community to explore how to safely, and better use Sciennes Road as a play area.  this will be needed for an 18 month period.

Guidance for building new schools recommends around 5 square metres per child in a playground. At Sciennes we have just over 1 square metre per child! From August 2021 we will have significantly less than this.

Slim has attended various meetings recently to explore traffic calming measures impacting other schools in our cluster, and these are both noted below:

Lots of people have contributed over past years and deserve thanks:

  • Alison Noble & Angela Christie for their unswerving support of the concept

  • Our Southside & Newington Councillors for coming to and facilitating meetings with the right people at City of Edinburgh Council, including Ian Perry for researching ownership of the land under the road

  • Colin Sim for getting a grant to pay for a feasibility study

  • Ian Hogg for procuring a suitable landscape architect to undertake the feasibility study

  • Ironside Farrar for devising a turning head scheme in front of the RHSC building

  • Sciennes Community Council for inviting us to public consultation events about the future of the RHSC where we also floated the more playground/less road idea with local people

  • All the planning and transport officers at CEC who have met with us and advised us

  • Particular thanks go to Fiona Denvir, Judith Gillespie and the 11 parent volunteer stewards who between them have directed hundreds of vehicles away from Sciennes Road when it’s officially closed of a morning AND helped make the case for permanent road closure.

  • Thanks to the vast majority of responsible parents who, if they need to drive their children to school, park up a block or two away and help keep both the roads and the school’s relations with our neighbours peaceful at 8.45 am

  • Jay Santhanam and Aileen Nimmo for getting Sciennes Road closed on the day of the summer fair, again helping making the case for a permanent closure

  • Lucy Gallagher for monitoring air quality on Sciennes Road with her new gadget

  • Everyone who has come along to Buildings & Facilities meetings to help argue the case and thrash out the issues.

Meeting minutes

Building and facilities meeting minutes 1st November 2016

Building and facilities meeting minutes 16 September 2016

Building and facilities meeting minutes 16 June 2016

Building and facilities meeting minutes May 31 2016