The Fruit Group

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Started back in 2000, The Fruit Group provides colourful platters of a variety of seasonal fresh fruit and veg to every classroom on Friday mornings. It’s a great chance to highlight healthy eating and the kids love it.

When preparing the fruit, we use the school office’s list of children’s allergies for each class to make sure all children can take fruit from the tray worry-free.

It is run by volunteers and funded by donations from parents/carers. We hope to be back preparing platters at the start of the new academic term, August 2021.


Fruit Group depends on and greatly appreciates donations from parents and carers to enable it to deliver weekly platters. Donations can be made on ParentPay. We are suggesting £5 per child for the school year.

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers prepare the fruit on a Friday from 8.50 in the dining hall, finishing around 10.00. If you’d like to come along to chop and chat on a Friday morning after drop-off, whether it’s once in a while or every Friday, or would like further information about Fruit Group, please contact Fruit Group coordinators Emma and Janet at

For further details, please go to our facebook page.